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Hungry Puffs


There was a lot to judge, but months later, this project has stayed with me in a way few others have. Its simplicity is so striking; a great reminder that a clever idea doesn’t have to be complicated or overwrought. To execute something like this, on the tiny budget from the charity, and make it work so perfectly – from the name and copy, to the visuals – I just think it’s a great creative piece. And I can totally see myself coming across these boxes among the candy-bright shelves of the cereal aisle, immediately being struck by the stark black and white contradiction in front of me, and heading straight to the checkout to ‘buy’ one. Simple, powerful and effective.

Judges Choice — Jane Duru

Studio / Designer
The Brand Agency

Design for Good
Social & Community


Designer Dan Agostino, Janice Law, Luke Lucas, Matt Taylor
Creative Director Marcus Tesoriero
Art Director Hayden Griffiths
Finished Artist Julian Farnan
Writer Matt Wilson
Illustrator Sofia Varano Della Vergiliana
Other Account Management- Emma Sadler, Katrina Strugnell, Sarah Kappeler, Creative Director- Dean Hunt, Head of Art- Nate Teoh, Public Relations- Tony Monaghan, Digital Production- Paul Hamilton, Peter Farell, Digital Strategy- Matt Popkes, Emily Colman, Production- Caitlin Baird, Mason Truong, Pete Townsend, Sound Design- Soundbyte, Media- Angela Naaykens, Jodie Allen


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