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West Coast Tasmania


For a distant place with questionable redeeming features, the imagery from this campaign is like a deep dark hole, which I feel myself falling into. And yet while I’m not keen to spend time in a wet cold place, this imagery compels me to want to go there. It’s honest. Each statement speaks volumes. They are like headlines to a series of stories. It’s divisive in the best possible way. I expect the raw beauty would turn an unexpectedly high number of viewers into devotees. And while I feel it would have achieved commercial success, perhaps another outcome which is just as important (if not more so) is that I expect it’s inspired and elevated pride in the locals who live there. Brilliant.

Judges Choice — Andrew Hoyne

Studio / Designer
For The People

Design Crafts
Photography for Design


Designer Jason Little, Johanna Roca, Pete Conforto, Kris Andrew Small, Ed Hall, Bec Cini
Creative Director Jason Little, Johanna Roca
Art Director Jason Little, Johanna Roca
Typographer Mathieu Reguer
Finished Artist Jason Little, Johanna Roca, Pete Conforto, Kris Andrew Small, Ed Hall, Bec Cini
Writer Mat Groom
Photographer Ollie Khedun, Hayden Griffith
Illustrator Marco Palmieri
Other Strategy Directors – Amanda Gordon, Bec Lester, Damian Borchok . Aerial DP – Hayden Griffiths . Creative Producer – Jordana Johnson . Music Composer – Saxon Hornett . Colour Grade– The Hive . West Coast Council & Community Lead – Christine Gray . Council Team – Eleanor Strang, Vicki Iwanicki, Bronwyn Wheldon


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