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Peacock Bros

The Dimple packaging and branding system creates a sense of fun and playfulness in the medical space, which is normally represented with cold, direct, and sterile branding and messaging. A structure was created for 60 power numbers with an entire suite of a coloured circles to represent each number. The circles are a gorgeous brand system in their own right, with great use of bold colours and simple shapes. They empower the user by giving a sense of ownership once you’e identified your particular circular designs, making them easily recognisable going forward. The writing also speaks directly to the user, creating a warm personal feel between the product and the user. Dimple is a truly beautiful, thoughtful piece of design, created with the user in mind.

Judges Choice — AGDA Design Awards Volunteers

Studio / Designer
Universal Favourite

Health & Medical


Designer Meghan Armstrong
Creative Director Dari Israelstam
Art Director Meghan Armstrong
Writer Cat Wall, Imogen Dewey
Photographer Benito Martin, Lynden Foss, Jonathan May
Illustrator Meghan Armstrong
Other Kristen Walsh - Client Service Director, Jessica Johnson - Stylist


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