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Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre

Media Super

This piece of work has such depth and variety; colour and vibrancy; crafting and clarity. A perfect solution for those in need of this centre Why? For me, it’s because it shows the centre to be a place of hope, a beacon of light, somewhere welcoming and approachable. The logo type is clear and puts communication of message first and foremost. It’s free, not ridged and the colour palate and beautiful series of illustrations create a brand personality that keeps reminding us; we are here if you need us.

Judges Choice — Dom Roberts

Studio / Designer
For The People

Branding - Small Business


Designer Bec Cini, Illana Bodenstein
Creative Director Jason Little
Art Director Bec Cini
Typographer Bec Cini
Finished Artist Bec Cini
Writer Mat Groom
Illustrator Alexis Winter, Candy Ng, Carla McRae, Charlotte Allingham, Elin Matilda Andersson, Ellen Porteus, Freda Chiu, Georgia Perry, Haein Kim, Jess Cruickshank, Jessica Meyrick, Joy Li, Ilana Bodenstein, Michelle Pereira, Nani Puspasari, Rebecca Enya Lourey
Other Design Director – Mel Baillache


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