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Sydney Film Festival

Media Super

As a design exercise, it has fulfilled the project's key objections, and beyond. The solution has increased revenue, which is important to the client. The highly crafted visual has recalibrated the essence of an iconic festival, which is important to old and new audience. On a personal level, I also think the care that the team of designers and copy writers have done on this project reminds and celebrates why we creatives should thrive to push for ambitious solutions, and have fun along the way. Definitely a project where a designer would think 'I wish I'd done that'.

Judges Choice — Evi O

Studio / Designer
For The People

Branding - Large Business


Designer Bec Cini, Pete Conforto, Mel Baillache, Jason Little
Creative Director Jason Little
Art Director Mel Baillache
Typographer Bec Cini
Finished Artist Bec Cini, Pete Conforto, Mel Baillache
Writer Mat Groom, Amanda Gordon
Illustrator Bec Cini, Mel Baillache
Other Design Director – Mel Baillache . Strategy Director – Amanda Gordon


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