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West Coast Tasmania

Media Super

The branding for West Coast Tasmania makes my heart sing. An exceptional example of the power of design to be inclusive, spirited and empowering while beautifully crafted across every expression. Rather than a brand that imposes itself upon a place and people, this work has been entered into with a commitment to valuing and celebrating the people it is there to represent and the stories to be told. The open source brand system that allows anyone from the region to have authorship of their use of the brand is brilliantly executed - and I’ve never read brand guidelines that had me grinning from start to finish the way the West Coast Manual did. This exemplary work shows how design can positively contribute to people and place and is undoubtedly my Judges Choice.

Judges Choice — Laura Camilleri

Studio / Designer
For The People

Branding - Large Business


Designer Jason Little, Johanna Roca, Pete Conforto, Kris Andrew Small, Ed Hall, Bec Cini
Creative Director Jason Little, Johanna Roca
Art Director Jason Little, Johanna Roca
Typographer Mathieu Reguer
Finished Artist Jason Little, Johanna Roca, Pete Conforto, Kris Andrew Small, Ed Hall, Bec Cini
Writer Mat Groom
Photographer Hayden Griffith, Ollie Khedun
Illustrator Marco Palmieri
Other Strategy Directors – Amanda Gordon, Bec Lester, Damian Borchok . Aerial DP – Hayden Griffiths . Creative Producer: Jordana Johnson . Music Composer – Saxon Hornett . Colour Grade– The Hive . West Coast Council & Community Lead –  Christine Gray . Council Team – Eleanor Strang, Vicki Iwanicki, Bronwyn Wheldon


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