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Pentridge Cellars

Media Super

It’s not every day you get to rebrand a historic prison as a luxury wine cellar, so this work instantly caught my attention. The branding solution is beautifully understated; the idea of the cell bars shaping the silhouette of a wine bottle, instantly communicates its marriage of subjects. The execution is industrial yet elegant and effortlessly delivers a feeling a solitude and sophistication. There are no frills in prison, so the decision to use a sans serif font against a grey palette is fitting, with a smart use of gunmetal foil to bring back a touch of luxury. The photography and art direction beautifully capture the stillness of the place and the copywriting brings the idea to life; ‘Fine wine belongs behind bars’

Judges Choice — Zoe Green

Judges Choice for me is an opportunity to highlight a piece of work that mightn’t have been universally lauded by the full jury or even been given an accolade. Besides the usual mantra of ‘I wish I’d done that’ or ‘that’s just brilliant’, it’s the projects that have that gentle power, making them just stick with you... The Pentrige Cellars project displays the combination of a great premise, a really strong identity and clever extrapolations throughout the brand expression made this project very memorable to me. Elegant craft, great animation of the logo revealing the potent imagery. All in all, it displays the strength of a compelling concept and its sophistocated realisation. Captivated me!

Judges Choice — Annette Harcus

Studio / Designer

Branding - Small Business


Designer Shane Loorham
Creative Director Shane Loorham
Writer Madeleine Baud
Photographer Josh Robenstone
Illustrator Annie MacInnes
Other Strategy: Shane Loorham, Anna Gowers. Project Management: Anna Gowers. Animation: Andrew Fiscalini. Marketing Strategy: Fiona Killackey.
Paper Spicers
Printer Press Print


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